Canada’s Most Beautiful Gardens and Botanical Parks


Canada, with its vast and varied landscapes, is home to some of the most exquisite gardens and botanical parks in the world. From the serene beauty of the west coast to the vibrant floral displays of the east, these green spaces offer visitors a chance to experience nature’s splendor in meticulously curated settings. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist, an avid photographer, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of flowers and plants, Canada’s gardens are sure to leave a lasting impression. Here, we explore some of the most beautiful gardens and botanical parks across the country.

1. Butchart Gardens (Brentwood Bay, British Columbia)

Arguably one of the most famous gardens in Canada, Butchart Gardens is a stunning example of horticultural artistry. Located near Victoria on Vancouver Island, this garden covers 55 acres and features a series of themed gardens. The Sunken Garden, which is the highlight, was created in a former limestone quarry and offers a breathtaking display of colors and textures. The Rose Garden, with over 250 varieties of roses, and the Japanese Garden, with its tranquil paths and water features, are equally captivating. Butchart Gardens is a year-round destination, with seasonal displays ensuring there’s always something in bloom.


2. Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington, Ontario)

As the largest botanical garden in Canada, the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Burlington, Ontario, spans over 2,700 acres and includes both cultivated gardens and natural areas. The RBG is home to an extensive collection of plants, including the world’s largest collection of lilacs. The Rock Garden, with its stunning rock formations and water features, and the Hendrie Park, with its diverse plant collections and themed gardens, are must-visit areas. The RBG also offers numerous walking trails that allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding forests and wetlands.

3. Montreal Botanical Garden (Montreal, Quebec)

Located in the heart of Montreal, the Montreal Botanical Garden is one of the city’s most beloved attractions. This expansive garden features over 22,000 plant species and cultivars, spread across 75 hectares. The garden is divided into themed sections, including the Chinese Garden, which is one of the largest of its kind outside of China, and the Japanese Garden, which offers a peaceful retreat with its meticulously designed landscape. The First Nations Garden celebrates the indigenous flora of Quebec, while the Tree House and the Insectarium provide educational exhibits for visitors of all ages.

4. Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

Just a short drive from the world-famous Niagara Falls, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens offer a serene escape from the bustling tourist areas. This 99-acre garden features a wide variety of plant species, including an impressive collection of perennials, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The Rose Garden, with over 2,400 roses, is particularly stunning in the summer months. The gardens are also home to the Butterfly Conservatory, where visitors can walk among thousands of free-flying butterflies in a tropical setting.

5. VanDusen Botanical Garden (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden spans 55 acres and features a diverse collection of plants from around the world. The garden is designed to represent various biomes, from the Mediterranean Garden to the Canadian Heritage Garden. The Elizabethan Maze is a fun attraction for families, while the Woodland Garden offers a peaceful retreat among native plants and towering trees. VanDusen also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, including the popular Festival of Lights during the winter holiday season.

6. Reford Gardens (Grand-Métis, Quebec)

Also known as Les Jardins de Métis, Reford Gardens is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. This historic garden was created by Elsie Reford in the early 20th century and features a stunning collection of over 3,000 plant species. The gardens are known for their unique plant combinations and innovative design, which blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. Highlights include the Blue Poppy Glade, where Himalayan blue poppies bloom in a spectacular display, and the Long Walk, a beautifully landscaped path lined with diverse plantings.

7. Devonian Botanical Garden (Edmonton, Alberta)

Located just outside Edmonton, the University of Alberta Botanic Garden (formerly known as the Devonian Botanical Garden) offers a diverse array of gardens and natural areas. The Kurimoto Japanese Garden is a tranquil retreat with traditional Japanese landscaping, while the Indigenous Garden highlights plants used by Indigenous peoples of the region. The Tropical Showhouse, with its exotic plants and butterflies, provides a taste of the tropics. The garden also features extensive walking trails that wind through the surrounding forests and wetlands.

8. Halifax Public Gardens (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Situated in the heart of Halifax, the Halifax Public Gardens is one of the finest examples of a Victorian garden in North America. Established in 1867, the garden spans 16 acres and features a variety of formal plantings, fountains, statues, and a picturesque pond. The meticulously maintained flower beds and winding paths provide a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. The garden is particularly beautiful in the spring and summer when the flowers are in full bloom.


9. Kingsbrae Garden (St. Andrews, New Brunswick)

Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, is a 27-acre horticultural masterpiece that offers a diverse range of themed gardens and plant collections. Highlights include the Rose Garden, the Knot Garden, and the stunning Sculpture Garden, which features works by Canadian artists. Kingsbrae is also home to a variety of animals, including peacocks, alpacas, and pygmy goats, making it a fun destination for families. The garden hosts numerous events and workshops throughout the year, providing opportunities for visitors to learn more about gardening and horticulture.


Canada’s gardens and botanical parks are a testament to the country’s rich horticultural heritage and its deep appreciation for natural beauty. Each garden offers a unique experience, whether it’s the grandeur of Butchart Gardens, the educational exhibits at the Montreal Botanical Garden, or the historic charm of the Halifax Public Gardens. Visiting these green spaces allows for a moment of tranquility and inspiration, a chance to connect with nature, and an opportunity to appreciate the artistry and dedication that go into maintaining these beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the vast collections of the Royal Botanical Gardens or strolling through the intimate pathways of Reford Gardens, Canada’s botanical treasures promise an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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