Soup Mix | Authentic Spice Blend – Hijazi Love Soup

Soup Mix
Soup Mix

A carefully selected blend of spices gives it a distinct and wonderful taste. Hand-washed, hand-picked, and hand-packaged, you can use it for boiling chicken or meat, for kabsa and curries ( كبسة و ايدام ) to add a unique flavor and remove the meat’s odor – for all soup recipes such as Freekeh soup or vegetable soup.

Discover the wonderful collection of Soup Mix spices:

Soup is a popular dish worldwide, as it is considered a light and nutritious meal at the same time. To get the best cooking experience for soup, the spice blend and spices used play a crucial role in providing a unique flavor and a delightful aroma. Here in Al Madinah, we are proud to offer this cultural heritage of unique spices to make Hijazi Love Soup. This blend consists of a variety of premium Eastern spices with an authentic taste, hand-packaged in pure white bags blended with cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves to give you a distinct and delicious flavor for all types of soups or meat boiling.


Category: Kabsa and Curries ( كبسة و ايدام )

Type: Soup Mix – صرر الشوربة | صرة بهارات صحيحة

Package Size: A tightly sealed jumbo pack containing 12 soup mixes

Names: صرر الشوربة | صرة بهارات صحيحة – شوربة الحب الحجازية

Here are some points that make our product more attractive and beneficial for you:

Soup Mix Spices: We offer a variety of spices for making soup, carefully crafted to add the ideal flavor and balanced spices to your favorite soup.

Adding soup spices gives it a delicious and unique taste.

Soup Mix Spices contain 100% natural spices, carefully chosen to ensure quality and great flavor.

Soup Mix Spices have a perfect blend of fresh spices that enhance the flavor and depth to create an exceptional love soup.

These soup mixes are also known for their ease of extraction from the soup dish without the need to strain the soup if you desire a pure and clear soup.

Suitable for all types of soup, whether it’s chicken, meat, or vegetables.

Spice Mix: We offer you a unique blend of spices to make Love Soup, for you to enjoy the best cooking and indulge in premium Love Soup.

Love Soup: If you love soup, you’re in the right place. Our product will help you prepare a delicious and nutritious soup whenever you crave it.

Unique Spices: We offer unique and carefully washed spices to add a distinct flavor to your Love Soup. Your experience with Love Soup will be more exciting with our product.

Soup Mix Spices come in a unique package, containing a variety of fresh spices.

Distinctive Spices: We take pride in offering distinctive and unique spices to make soup. These spices will add diversity and a unique flavor to your soups.

Exciting Experience: Your cooking and soup consumption experience will be more enjoyable and exciting with the use of our spices. You will enjoy an irresistible and delicious flavor.

Soup: Soup is a delicious and nutritious meal, especially during the cold winter days or to recharge after a long day. Feel warm and comfortable when you enjoy soup with the delicious taste of these spices.

Choose these unique spices for making soup and enjoy a rich and distinctive taste. You will find soup more appealing and easy to prepare with these wonderful spices. Discover what these spices can offer to you and your favorite dishes. Get Soup Mix today and enjoy delicious and satisfying soup meals.

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