Turkey Visa For Bahrain Citizens

If you’re a citizen of Bahrain and planning a trip to Turkey, you’ve probably wondered how to get a Turkey visa to travel to the country. You’re not alone. Millions of travelers every year have been turned down for visas, and this article will cover the process and fees you’ll need to apply for one. You’ll also find information about the validity of a visa and the types of visas available.

The online e-Visa application process

The Turkish e-Visa application process for Bahrain citizens is much easier than submitting paper applications at the consulate. However, the process is designed solely for tourists and business purposes, not for permanent residency. For that, Bahrain citizens need to visit the nearest Turkish Honorary Consulate or Embassy. Moreover, the application process can also be done online, if the Bahraini citizen has an active credit card or debit card, a valid passport, and a valid email address. This email address will be required for payment and for confirmation of the visa.

Types of Turkish visas

The Turkish government issues different types of visas for Bahrain citizens depending on the duration of the trip. If you are visiting Turkey for tourism, you will need to obtain a tourist visa, which consists of a visa and a travel document. Bahraini citizens may apply for a eVisa for Turkey online or visit a Turkish consulate to obtain a traditional visa. The Bahraini government has imposed a few requirements for travelers from Bahrain.

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The Turkish e-Visa is a much easier process for Bahrain citizens to obtain than a traditional visa. This type of visa is valid for a period of up to 30 days and expires 180 days after its issue. In order to apply for a Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens, the applicant is required to bring 3 important documents. For this purpose, an existing passport or Schengen residence permit is required as a supporting document. E-Visas are not accepted as supporting documents.


If you’re a Bahrain citizen looking to visit Turkey, you can apply for a Visa online. You can choose to apply by land, sea, or air. Once you’ve submitted your application form and verified payment, you can begin the visa process. If you’d prefer a more traditional process, you can visit a Turkish Embassy or Honorary Consulate. All you need to apply for a Turkey visa online is a valid passport, credit card, or debit card, and a reliable email address. Your email address will be used for both payment and confirmation of your application.

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Required documents

There are a few requirements for applying for a Turkey visa for Bahrain citizens. The country’s immigration laws require Bahrain citizens to have a valid passport. A Bahraini citizen’s departure date must be 90 days from the date of arrival. They must also have a valid eVisa or Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) visa before they can enter Turkey. Bahrain citizens must apply for a Turkey visa on time to ensure that they will not have to wait for their visa to be processed.

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