Top 10 Cool Things To Do in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is such a cool city that there are countless cool things to do there! We had never experienced anything like Berlin when traveling. Everyone—hippies, travelers, pensioners, bohemians, musicians, performers, families, etc.—should take a trip to this creative, free-spirited city.

While Berlin may have many historical buildings and monuments to see as well as other interesting things to do, we’re going to share with you our list of the top 10 “cool” things to do while visiting this special capital city.


1. Spend an Evening in Tempelhof Park

This was the location of one of Berlin’s main airports up until 2008. Today, however, it is a sizable, open field that is a wonderful area for locals and visitors to spend the day or evening.

The 6 kilometer trail is used by those who are out for runs, bike rides, or skateboarding. Others prefer to do yoga, read, listen to music, sip beer or wine, smoke pot, or simply relax on the grass while doing nothing.

When we visited Berlin in June, there was a petition going around asking people to sign in favor of keeping the park open for citizens to enjoy rather than turning it over to a developer. These petitions have already been signed, and the residents prevailed.

Crossing our fingers that a big business won’t buy up this lovely area.

Admission: Free

Hours: From 6:00am until around 10:30pm.

2. Join a Bike Tour

One of the best things to do in Berlin is to go cycling through the city. The city is generally flat, and there is a designated bike lane, making it a very convenient area for bikers. You can take a bike tour or rent a bike on your own and go exploring.

Several different tours of the city are available through Berlin On Bike. Their newest trip, Bike ‘n Bite, covers 12 kilometers of riding while visiting four restaurants, a market, several parks, and more! This tour is enjoyable and very laid back.

Price: From €45 / person, including bike, guide and food.

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3. Visit the Sunday Flea Market & Mauer Park

One of the nicest things to do in Berlin is to peruse old stuff at a flea market and unwind in a park. Given that there are numerous markets all around the city, try to arrange your visit during a weekend.

Visit Mauer Park in Prenzlauer Berg on Sundays for the sizable flea market and park performances.

Some of the most bizarre products for sale can be found here. Want a plush seagull? Are you looking for an ancient cable phone? It is located here. In addition to finding unusual objects, Mauer Park hosts various food vendors, a beer garden, and singing and dancing.

The place to be on a Sunday afternoon is here.

Visit the less-touristy RAW flea market if you want to be really hip.

Admission: Free

Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm (go around 11:00, and stay for the music at 3:00pm)

4. Saturday Market Along the Landwehr Canal

On Saturdays, the Kreuzberg neighborhood’s Neuköllner Stock market is open along the picturesque Landwehr Canal. People here are selling a variety of goods, including jewelry, fabric, apparel, artwork, literature, food, and wine.

It’s a terrific spot to while away a lazy Saturday.

Admission: Free

Hours: 11:00 – 5:00pm

5. Hit Up a Beer Garden / Beer Shop

Beer drinking in a beer garden is the coolest thing to do in Berlin. However, if you want to take it a step further and appear even more cool, follow the example of the Berliners and buy beer from a store before sitting on the sidewalk just in front to sip your beverage.

It’s a lot of fun to drink in a beer garden since you’ll be with other people and the beer will be served in a glass that has been thoroughly cold. If you’re with pals, sitting on the pavement is just as enjoyable and the drink will be considerably less expensive.

Costs: (around) €3.50 / beer at a beer garden and €1.70 / beer at a shop.

6. Explore the Unique Neighborhoods

There are 12 boroughs in Berlin, and each one is distinct from the others. Walk all day long until you become unable to continue. When you enter a new neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly notice because the surroundings, locals, and atmosphere change.

There is a neighborhood in Berlin for everyone, from the hip, artistic Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to the gentrified Mitte and posh Prenzlaur Berg. We advise exploring each one to discover hidden treasures.

Although walking is the best way to see Berlin, you’ll definitely want to take a ride back to your hostel or hotel because the city is somewhat dispersed. Berlin has a fantastic and effective bus and metro system. You can either receive the Berlin Welcome Card, which offers discounts on transportation, attractions, and restaurants, or you can buy tickets as you go.

Location: Everywhere. But we especially recommend fully exploring Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg!

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7. Gawk at Street Art

Aspiring artists, performers, and musicians can be found in Berlin. Berlin is the place you need to be if you are even remotely creative. Urban artists have created stunning murals, graffiti, and paintings that can be found all around the city.

While some of the artwork is just lovely scenery, others are politically charged and thought-provoking.

A few well-known artists to keep an eye out for are Banksy, Herakut, El Bocho, XOOOOX, and AliCé alias Alice Pasquini. Visit the network of young artists called Urban Nation, which invites both national and international figures to the city, for more information.

There is art everywhere. But as you tour Berlin by U-Bahn, look around Urban Spree, The East Side Gallery, and other stops.

8. Eat Street Food

Berlin is a vibrant city full of entrepreneurs, students, and immigrants, therefore it’s not surprising that there are many street food vendors there, serving a variety of affordable food just like Berlin’s residents.

You can find something to sate your appetites, whether you’re in the mood for spicy burritos, excellent Indian food, late-night shawarma, or the city’s favorite: currywurst.

At Urban Spree, try the Indian and Mexican vendors, Mustafa’s shawarma, and Curry 36’s currywurst, a fried sausage smothered with ketchup and curry powder.

Additionally, if you enjoy Thai cuisine and are in Berlin on a Sunday, head to Preußenpark. Thai families can be found here preparing meals for onlookers. The vegetable pad thai, spring rolls, tofu soup, and buns stuffed with vegetables are highly recommended. Meals cost €10 or less.

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9. Hangout at a River Bar

Along the canal, next to Treptower Park, is a laid-back, rustic nightclub and bar called The Club der Visionäre. The outdoor hardwood patio is the place to be on the weekends for a refreshing beer and stunning views. DJs play into the early morning hours in the evenings. Don’t overlook this area!

Address: Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin

Admission: €5, or Free, depending on when you go.

10. Go On a Free Walking Tour

The major cities around Europe offer free walking tours. We visited Plovdiv, Sofia, Tirana, Prague, and Berlin on trips. The free trip here brings you to several of the city’s significant locations, including Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, and the Reichstag, as well as through the Mitte Borough.

View Original Berlin Tours, which leaves from the hostel One80. Or, check out Alternative Berlin for a different free walking tour that visits street art, multicultural neighborhoods, urban projects, and markets instead of historical places.

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