International students and foreigners (Canada ), what are the steps to obtain permanent residence?

Anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada should ask themselves a series of questions and get appropriate advice. Arriving in Canada study or work permit is not the end of the road, it is just the beginning, especially for those who are seeking permanent residence in Canada. Now, there is a series of questions that arise in these cases: What should they keep? What should they take care of? What should they have on hand? What should they learn?

For example, what should they keep? After we arrive with a study or work permit, extensions usually come, either because we have to continue studying or because we are going to extend our work permit or because we are going to go from study to work or what if we are already ready for residency?

Canada Study
Canada Study

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What did we say in the first application?

 Is there any work that was left out? Is there a job where maybe the dates don’t match, don’t match or we forgot? How is this interpreted by Immigration? An error or immigration fraud? This extra time that we put into our application would give us more points. How does the system interpret it? It is important to save all the applications that we sent before and copy the documents.

Now, as for settling in Canada, how do we raise our children in our countries? The way we punish and correct them Is it accepted in Canada? This could get us into trouble.

These are just some of the considerations that we must take into account when we sit down with an expert immigration advisor, who can explain to us how Canada works and what is going to happen in the future so that this does not later become the cause of not obtaining a permanent residence.

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