Indian Tourist Visa for Belgian Citizens

Are you a Belgian citizen and wish to travel to India? Then, a tourist visa is your best option. You should consider this option if you have never been to India before and wish to experience the country’s rich culture. You can easily get an Indian tourist visa online, and make your dream trip to India come true. This visa allows you to enter any of the States or Union Territories of India.

Tourist visa is non-convertible

The Indian Tourist visa is a valid visa for a single entry into India and is non-convertible. It is valid for up to 180 days. The fee for this type of visa depends on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. You will need a physical passport and all the supporting documents to get this type of visa. It is the best option for future visits to India and multiple entries.

It is non-refundable

You can apply for an Indian visa from Belgium online. To get the visa, all you need is a valid Belgian passport, an Email Id, and a Credit Card or Debit Card or PayPal. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an electronic Indian visa – the official document you’ll need to enter and travel within India. The electronic Indian visa will serve as a permanent travel document that you can carry with you.

Tourist Visa
Tourist Visa

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It permits entry into all States and Union Territories of India

This document allows you to visit protected areas in the country. It is a legal requirement for entry into a protected area. The permit is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit India for business purposes or for tourism purposes. You must also obtain an Inner Line Permit if you intend to visit India’s protected areas. Obtaining an Inner Line Permit is much easier than obtaining a Protected Area Permit.

It is available in electronic form since 2014

It has been quite easy for Belgian citizens to obtain an Indian visa through an online application. The Indian government has made the visa application process hassle-free by introducing an electronic form for Belgian citizens. Belgian citizens can fill out the online application form and make the payment in any one of the 135 currencies. The approval decision can be obtained in as little as three to four business days. You can visit the website of the Indian visa authority in Brussels and check if your application is processed.

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It is a valid option for short stays in India

Since 2014, Belgium citizens can apply for an Indian Visa. This visa allows Belgians to visit India for a short stay of up to 180 days. There are five main categories of Indian Visa, including Tourist, Medical, Business, and Work Visits. Applicants can visit India for any of these purposes without any prior documentation. For more information, see the information on each category. For Indian Visa for Belgian Citizens, the Indian Visa can be applied for online.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy

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