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How to Get a Canada Visa For Dutch Citizens – Full Visas Requirements

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Canadian visas are needed for various reasons, from studying and working to visiting. In addition to immigration, you also need travel advice if you plan to come back to Canada. Before leaving for Canada, it is important to understand the immigration process and prepare yourself for life in another country. Canada has an economic and diplomatic relationship with the Netherlands. Here are some tips on how to get a visa for Canada. There are three main ways to obtain a Canada Visa For Dutch Citizens .

ESTA is not a visa

For short-term stays, Dutch citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada. However, they must obtain a Canada ETA before flying there. This travel document is valid for 5 years from the date of issue, and is valid for 180 days for each entry. Dutch citizens must ensure that their passports have a valid validity of three months or more after the date of departure.

Dutch Citizens
Dutch Citizens

Study permit is not required

The CEC program for Canadian permanent residency is one of the most popular immigration paths around the world. Citizens of the Netherlands are eligible to apply for the CEC program, and this is not the only reason to get a study permit in Canada. Dutch students may also want to consider studying in Canada for a few months. The CEC program is designed to give students the chance to gain work experience while they study and may provide extra credit points towards the Canada Experience Program.

Fingerprinting countries

You must have a valid passport that is three months past your planned departure date to be eligible for a Canadian visa. A Dutch passport must be valid for at least 90 days after arrival in Canada. You can also apply for a Canada Electronic Travel Authority (eTA), which is valid for five years. The eTA can be used more than once during that time. You must apply at least 72 hours before you plan to fly.


Study permit is valid for up to course duration + 3 months

Applicants for a study permit must meet certain criteria. For instance, they must have a clean criminal record and must be able to support themselves and their family while studying in Canada. The requirements for a study permit may change depending on the school. Some students may be required to complete a police clearance certificate. Other requirements include having a valid passport (one that allows you to return to your home country after you finish your course) and submitting two passport-sized photographs.

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Study permit is not required to get a visa

You need a study permit to study in Canada if you are a Dutch citizen. This type of visa is designed for students who are already prepared for an international study experience. If you are considering studying in Canada, you should apply at least four months before the start of your university degree programme. You will also need to apply for an extension of your travel authorization. You must apply for the extension at least 30 days before your original authorization expires.

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