How to Apply For an Urgent Visa for Turkey

If you’ve been planning on traveling to Turkey but have run out of time, there are now urgent visas for Turkey. This type of visa is much easier to apply for and is usually approved in under five minutes. You can use an emergency eVisa for Turkey if you’re facing a situation outside of the country, like legal problems or medical illness. Although it’s best to apply for an emergency visa at least two to three weeks before your departure date, you can also apply for an emergency eVisa for Turkey at the last minute.

Documents required to apply for an urgent visa

When applying for an emergency evisa for Turkey, you must have all the necessary documents to prove that you have an urgent medical need. If you make misleading remarks regarding the necessity of the emergency appointment, this can compromise your credibility in the visa interview. You should submit a letter from your doctor detailing your condition and the required treatments and expenses, and a copy of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 190 days.

Urgent Visa
Urgent Visa

Time frame of the application process

A foreign national with a Turkish passport can visit Turkey for emergency family reasons. A person of Turkish descent is a person whose parents are citizens of Turkey or hold a Turkish passport. Visiting Turkey is also possible for foreign citizens trapped in a neighboring country. Foreign nationals can also travel to Turkey for medical treatment or for business purposes. They need special permission from the Turkish authorities if they intend to work or report on their country’s affairs. Journalists and other foreign media personnel also require a special approval to travel to Turkey.

Requirements for an urgent visa

You might need an Urgent visa for Turkey in order to travel to the country quickly. If you don’t have the time to spend hours filling out applications, apply online for an urgent visa. You can also apply for a super-urgent visa and get the result in as little as 15 minutes. The process can be stressful, but it’s worth it to avoid a last-minute surprise. Follow turgent visa for Turkeyhese steps to ensure your visa gets through quickly.

Cost of an urgent visa

When traveling to Turkey, you will need to have an urgent visa if you plan to be gone for less than 48 hours. An urgent visa is an additional fee that will cost PS17.50, and is worth the extra money for a faster turnaround time. However, this type of visa is not recommended unless you have a very pressing need for the visa. The visa is valid for a month, but you cannot travel before this time.

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Requirements for a transit visa

In order to obtain a transit visa for Turkey, you must prove that you are a legal citizen of the country you intend to visit. The Turkish government requires proof of funds and income to enter the country, and a positive PCR test on arrival is mandatory. It is advised to have at least EUR50 in your pocket each day for travel and accommodations. For your peace of mind, it is recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy in advance. The cost of a travel insurance policy starts from as little as INR 300.

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