History of Manikaran Gurudwara in Himachal Pradesh

An outing to Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh is inadequate without a dawn at the Manikaran Sahib. Arranged 35 kilometers from Kullu and 4 kilometers from Kasol, a location conjoins wonderful sights and strict opinions with a courageous excursion. One of only a handful of exceptional promising sights have the two Hindus and Sikh opinion joined all the while. In this way, a large number of vacationers crowd it consistently. Situated on the banks of River Parvati, Manikaran offers numerous amazing locales of the grand snow-clad mountains behind the scenes.

Himachal Pradesh
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Manikaran Sahib, the gurudwara is the main spot to visit in Manikaran. It is a very much kept up with Gurudwara. It likewise offers liberated from cost ‘langar’ (food dispersion) as well as convenience choices. The Gurudwara is likewise well known for its scaffold and the spouting natural aquifers. The rice in the ‘langar’ are made by embedding little parcels of rice in the natural aquifer itself.

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According to folklore, it is trusted that Guru Nanak Dev ji, the principal Guru of Sikhism, visited this spot in third Udasi. He was joined by one of his fervent devotees, Bhai Mardana. Subsequent to voyaging, Bhai Mardana was eager and they had no food. Master Nanak Dev ji, then, at that point, requested that Bhai Mardana make a few inquiries for nourishment for Langar. The liberal individuals of the town gave flour. Be that as it may, it yet must be cooked as ‘rotis’ (wheat breads made in India). Because of the great height there was no fire or hotness to cook them in. Master Nanak Devji then encouraged Bhai Mardana to lift a stone in the valley. It is accepted that the natural aquifer fluted out from this very spot. Master Nanak Dev ji then, at that point, requested that Bhai Mardana roll the chapattis and to place them in the natural aquifer. To Bhai Mardana’s gloom, the chapattis sank inside the spring. Master Nanak Dev ji then, at that point, requested that he offer petitions to God and guarantee him to give one chapatti from his portion of chapattis. He did as tell and the chapattis returned up, totally prepared and prepared to eat. It is subsequently, accepted that anything proposed to the spring with petitions and the aim to give, floats back up to the outer layer of the spring.

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The devout water of the spring is sulfur-less in nature and is said to have extraordinary mending properties that assistance in relieving of infections like Arthritis.

Aside from the Grudwara, Manikaran offers different spots to visit close to the Manikaran Sahib like the different sanctuaries and the Brahma Ganga Sangam (intersection of RiverPaap Nasini and River Parbati) to take a plunge in.

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