5 hiking trails in Canada waterfalls with hidden magic

Summer has officially arrived in Canada waterfalls and many of us already feel the anxiety to get outdoors and enjoy all the natural wonders that this country offers us.

Here we bring you an interesting proposal in which you can enjoy hiking and end your day admiring hidden Canada waterfalls. In this list, you will find proposals from coast to coast of the country so that no one is left without enjoying the season.

Canada Waterfalls
Canada Waterfalls

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1. Wilson’s Falls

This 3.6-kilometer hike in Bracebridge winds through lush forest and ends at a picturesque waterfall. Along the way, you will pass over a bridge that overlooks the water. There’s even a picnic area, so you can have lunch by the waterfall while enjoying the views.

2. Delaney Falls

This 8-kilometer return trail will take you to the impressive Delaney Falls in the Bras-du-Nord Valley and takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. On the trail, you have the option of climbing the new L’Escalier des Pas de Géants (the ladder of giant steps), after which you can continue to the falls.

3. Crescent Falls

This impressive waterfall can be found at the end of a 5-kilometer trail in the Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area. The hike takes you through a forest and tree-lined canyon, so you’ll have amazing views along the way! Canada waterfalls.

4. Uisge Ban Falls

This easy 1.5-hour round-trip hike on Cape Breton Island will take you to a picturesque 16-meter-high waterfall nestled in a granite gorge. The falls can be found in the Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park, which is located along the scenic Cabot Trail.

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5. Laverty Falls

This 1.5-mile trail takes you to Laverty Falls, said to be the “most impressive” waterfall in Fundy National Park. The hike will take you through a forest of maple, beech, and birch trees, providing a scenic route to the falls.

The trail is a 5-kilometer round trip, but if you want a longer hike, you can return via the 4.8-kilometer Moosehorn Trail.

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