05 Things To Do in Frankfurt: A Local’s Guide

One of Germany’s top five cities is Frankfurt am Main. It also goes by the smart name “Mainhatten” due to its prominent worldwide stock exchange and financial district. But it’s much more than just a financial center. I’ll explain how to organize the ideal trip to the city in this piece, along with a list of 12 must-do activities in Frankfurt.


Before You Go

Due to its good air and land links and relatively simple city layout, planning a trip to Frankfurt from virtually anywhere in the world is not difficult. But there are some things to bear in mind when you plan your vacation as well as a few things to consider before you arrive in the city.


The Festival of Stoneware, Day of the Forest, Night of the Clubs, Festival of Light, Skyscraper Festival, Museums Riverbank Festival, and other events are held in Frankfurt throughout the year. It is advantageous to confirm these festivals’ dates for a few reasons.

One reason is that the city can be crowded at these times and that hotel rooms might become very expensive or completely filled. Consider scheduling your trip around the festivals if you don’t want to attend them.

Frankfurt is a fantastic location to attend festivals if you enjoy them. Check the city’s calendar of festivals and events to see when you might be able to attend one.

Lines and Crowds

Frankfurt is one of the most visited cities in Europe, so expect it to be busy at times, particularly on weekends, holidays, and during festival seasons. It might be challenging to reserve excursions during certain periods, and there may even be hours-long lines to enter the major attractions.

You could have to wait in line for an hour or longer in the city even on a typical day. The list of things to do in Frankfurt and other cities worldwide provided by Artralux is fantastic. Additionally, they sell skip-the-line tickets for a lot of Frankfurt’s top attractions. You can check them out if you’re reading our list of the greatest things to do in Frankfurt and don’t want to waste your day standing in line.

When To Go

Frankfurt normally has a moderate oceanic climate, with an average annual temperature of 10.6°C, summertime highs of around 25°C, and January lows of very sometimes falling below 0°C.

The best months to visit are May through September, though this might vary depending on the festivals you want to attend, the type of weather in Germany, and the activities you want to do.

1. Visit the Romerberg

This ancient plaza, which is located in the center of the old town, had to be fully rebuilt following World War II’s bombardment. The Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen), a historic well constructed in 1612, is almost as recognizable as the gabled homes that surround the Römerberg.

The four human values of love, justice, hope, and moderation are displayed. Each virtue is symbolized by a small female figure on the side of the wall. One of my favorite things to do in Frankfurt, especially in the summer, is to sit and drink coffee while watching the folks mill about the square.

The Romerberg Christmas Market

The square has a charming typical German Christmas Market in December. The ideal location in the city to prepare for the holy night is here.

Try some roasted chestnuts and mulled wine while enjoying the sound of the most cheesy holiday music possible. You’ll quickly see why Germans cherish their holiday markets above all others!

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2. Panoramic View From the Main Tower

The Main Tower is Germany’s fourth-tallest structure at 259 meters. It offers guests breathtaking vistas of the city and surroundings. For individuals who are terrified of heights, climbing the 198 meters to the visitors platform can be difficult. But the sights are undoubtedly worth it, making it one of the best things to do in Frankfurt.

A single ticket is €7.50 ($9), or €5 ($6) for students. They can be purchased online through TripVerse if you prefer to save time on long waiting hours at the tower’s base.

3. Try the Hessian National Drink

Germany is renowned for producing some of the world’s best beers. One of the best things to do in Frankfurt is to try the Hessian regional beverage Ebbelwoi, which is a refreshing option to relieve your thirst. Ebbelwoi, which translates to “apple wine,” has a low alcohol content—5%—and little calories. Occasionally, people prefer it warm during the chilly winter months.

A typical German lunch can go quite well with apple wine, which is less filling than beer. Try it with a dish like pork ribs and potatoes with sauerkraut. For some traditional German fare and a fine taste of the Hessian local libation, I suggest the Ebbelwoi Unser or the Apfelwein Dax.

4. Take a Main River Cruise

View the stunning skyscrapers from the water for a fresh viewpoint. One of the top things to do in Frankfurt at dusk is this. Tickets range from €10 to €13 ($12 to $15.50), depending on how long your boat excursion will be, with 20% off available to Frankfurt Card holders.

You may unwind on the roomy deck after acquiring a ticket at the tourist information desk or ticket counter. Alternately, explore the air-conditioned interior amenities while admiring Frankfurt am Main’s stunning metropolitan design.

The Primus-Linie offers cruises for all occasions, including lovely Sunday brunches on the water and breathtaking sunset tours.

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5. Visit the Museumsufer

This length of the riverbank features a range of cultural exhibitions that are dispersed on both sides. Both the historical Jewish Museum and the Museum of German Architecture fall under this category.

I suggest purchasing the Museumsufer-Ticket for rainy days. With this, you can visit all local ongoing and passing exhibits for two days for just €18 ($21.40).

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For those who love culture, Frankfurt also offers the Nacht der Museen in the spring and the Museumsuferfest, a festival of the arts held on the riverbank in August. People of all ages meander through the many displays during these festivals and enjoy food and beverages by the water.

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